These notes are unpolished collections of thoughts, unfinished ideas, and things I want to remember later. In the spirit of learning in public, I'm sharing them here. Have fun exploring, if you want!


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The 80/20 on Website Accessibility Mistakes / 9 Website Accessibility Mistakes and how to fix them
The Principles: A Refresher Ok so that wraps up our four principles. Just to recap: Principle 1 is that web design is more than graphic…

But, remember principle #1, web design is more than graphic design. Not everyone is going to be "looking" at the website. Some people will just be hitting the tab key over and over, their screen reader endlessly droning on "Read more Read more Read More Click Here Read more". Most screen readers have the ability to list all links on a page: cue "read more ad nauseam".

source: the-80-20-on-website-accessibility-mistakes

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