Common Accessibility Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A free web accessibility course for web developers.

30 days, 10 lessons, 100% fun!

Ten lessons spread out over a month focused on frequent but easy to fix accessibility mistakes.

Material Covered

Lesson 1:
Missing Titles

Every web page needs a unique, informative title.

Lesson 2:
Poor Heading Structure

Learn the how to properly use heading tags to properly mark up your content.

Lesson 3:
Read More / Click Here Links

Every link should have a well-defined purpose that is clear from its link text.

Lesson 4:
Missing Labels

Every form input needs a label.

Lesson 5:
CSS Grid and Flexbox

Use the latest CSS layout features without introducing accessibility mistakes.

Lesson 6:
Images and the alt attribute

Always include the alt attribute, but it's ok to leave it blank sometimes.

Lesson 7:
:focus { outline: none; }

Why every site needs focus styles.

Lesson 8:
Keyboard Support with JavaScript

Making sites a joy to use without a mouse.

Lesson 9:
Hiding Things

How to hide things for everybody.

Lesson 10:
ARIA Attributes

Commonly used ARIA attributes and examples of the right way to use them.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm a self-taught web developer based in Greenville, South Carolina and work as a front end developer for Mediacurrent. After learning web development online and a few years working at an agency, I stumbled upon the importance of accessibility for the web, but struggled to find easy to understand resources for getting started. I was inspired to write this course to give others a simple, practical introduction to web accessibility principles.

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